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Name Olyf Kurper, also known as: Nembwe, Tsungwa
Scientific Name Serranochromis Robustus
Description The Olyf Kurper has a robust body with it's colouration being olive to green with dark olive to green markings down the centre of the body and yellow to orange markings and orange to reddish orange egg spots on the anal fins of the males. It has a big mouth and conical shaped teeth. While it might grow bigger than the average Blue Tilapia, the size of its mouth alone makes for interesting baiting tactics.
Weight The Olyf Kurper has an average weight of around 3.5 kilograms.
Length This kurper can grow up to 45 centimetres
Habitat The Olyf Kurper or Nembwe is mainly found in the Zambezi river system, but also found in the rivers of Swaziland and Kwa Zulu Natal as well as the Kavango region of Namibia. This fish prefers the larger channels inside the river systems as well as permanent lagoons The Olyf Kurper likes submerged vegetation and structure and regularly feeds off prey that they ambush from these locations.
Fishing Strategy The Olyf Kurper will take a large variety of baits such as worms and other fleshy baits as well as artlure such as spinner baits and frogs and even small fish. Try live bait like smaller fish, crickets and tadpoles. It is not difficult to get these fish on the bite, as they will charge and swallow anything that moves or fit into their mouths.