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Name Papermouth, also known as: Silverfish,Silwervis,Papierbek
Scientific Name Barbus Mattozi Guimaraes
Description The papermouth is covered in silver scales with light orange to orange lining on the soft parts of the fins.
Weight This fish can grow to a length of 40 centimetres
Length The papermouth can reach a weight of around 1.4 kilograms
Habitat The Papermouth is distributed widely accross South Africa and do very well in our large dams. Naturally it occurs in large pools of cooler perennial rivers, it also thrives in man-made impoundments. It is an active predator which feeds initially on small planktonic crustaceans and insects; later it feeds on small fishes. It also feeds on water lily seeds.
Fishing Strategy The Papermouth will take a large variety of baits such as artlure plastics and spinner baits, worms and other carp baits such as corn pips.