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Name Redbreast Kurper, also known as: Redbreast Tilapia, Rooibors Kurper
Scientific Name Tilapia Rendalli
Description The Redbreast Tilapia, also known as the Redbreast Kurper, is a very common freshwater fish in the river systems, dams, floodplains, lakes and pans of Southern Africa. They live for approximately seven (7) years The Red Breast Kurper is related to the Blue Kurper and is part of the extended Perch family. This species of Kurper is under no threat other than loss of habitat. The Redbreast Tilapia can live in water up to depths of 8 meters. The Redbreast Tilapia has large scales with a round profiled head. The throat and breast areas are a bright red with the rest of the body being olive green to brown. There are also 5 to 7 vertical thick bands along the body.
Weight The Redbreast Kurper has an average weight of up to 2 kilograms
Length The Redbreast Kurper grow up to 40 centimetres
Habitat The Redbreast Kurper is spread widely all over South Africa. These fish are usually found close to the banks in shallow water of between 1 and 2 metres.
Fishing Strategy The Redbreast Kurper is an often easily over looked fish and can provide hours of fun for all anglers on light tackle. Without a doubt worms are the best bait you can use for Redbreast Tilapia. More in particular earthworm. Bread, mealies, small insects and feathered lures will a catch good numbers of these fish.