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Name Spotted Bass, also known as: Gespikkelde Baars
Scientific Name Micropterus Punctulatus
Description The Spotted Bass has a smaller type mouth compared to the other bass species. When he closes its mouth it stretches to the front of the eye socket.The spotted bass is an olive green fish with diamond shaped spots down the body line and a lighter belly.
Weight The spotted bass has an average weight of up to 1 kilogram.
Length The spotted bass can grow to a length of about 60 centimetres
Habitat The bass type is also widely distributed across South Africa like the rest of the bass specimen. The spotted bass will also look for structures like overhanging trees, reeds, water grass, dead trees and other structures in the water. They prefer deep murky waters where they will build their nests.
Fishing Strategy Artlure is mostly used to catch the spotted bass. Crank baits, soft plastics, spinner baits, lead-heads etc will also work well for this type of bass.