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Name Carp, also known as: Karp
Scientific Name Cyprinus carpio
Description The Common Carp has it's origins in Asia, but has been introduced to areas all over the world, sometimes illegally so. The Common Carp is widely spread throughout South Africa from lakes and dams to rivers and even private dams. You get 3 main species of carp, the common, leather and mirror carp. In fact they are all the same, but in ancient times the monks in the far- east breed the carp so that it could have less scales. For this reason, all 3 species are placed under CARP for record purposes. The carp is olive brown to rich gold above and cream or pale yellow below. The fins are grey and sometimes even tinted pinkish-red, maybe off-white in very muddy waters. Smaller carp are silvery. A carp have a serrated spine in dorsal and anal fins.
Weight Comes in various weights
Length Comes in various lenghts
Habitat The carps widelyspread in all but mountainous and tropical areas. Like humans, carp avoids water that are to cold. The carp is highly adaptable and can trive in a variety of habitats. The carp prefer large waterbodies with slow moving or standing water.
Fishing Strategy When trying to locate carp it is always good to look around structure, like overhanging trees or other obstacles in a body of water. Other ways to locate carp include visual surveying of a body of water to look for signs that they are feeding, these include; the carp jumping out of the water and bubbles on the water's surface from where the carp are feeding on the bottom.