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Name Clanwilliam Yellowfish, also known as: Clanwilliam Geelvis
Scientific Name Labeobarbus Capensis
Description As its relatives, this is a large species. They are silvery with blotchy vertical barring on the sides when young, and become light brown all over when adult. Males turn golden-yellow in the breeding season, and the common name refers to this.
Weight Comes in various weights
Length Comes in various lenghts
Habitat It is only found in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, where it is found in tributaries of the Olifants River, namely the Doring River, and the Biedou, Boskloof, Driehoeks, Groot, Jan Dissels, Kobee, Noordhoeks, Ratels, Rondegat, Thee and lower Twee Rivers in theCederberg Mountains. It is not known whether it still occurs in the Olifants River itself in any numbers, and at least above Clanwilliam Damand below Olifants Gorge it has apparently gone extinct. This Yellowfish can be found inside pools or holes inside the river systems where they are patrolling for food during the day, with a good pair of polarized glasses one should be able to spot them, especially if surveying the waters from an elevated position. During the spawning season these fish can be found in very shallow waters of the above mentioned river systems.
Fishing Strategy Mainly fly fishing, but these fish will also take dough type baits. Medium to heavy fly fishing tackle as these fish can grow to large sizes. A fly fishing rod of at least 10ft is recommended.