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Magic Baits


MaGic Baits

Dowload the MaGic Baits Hoofgeure van Produkte (May 2013).pdf here!
Essence Smell
4 x 4 Fruits
A.S.A.P Almond and Peach
Abba Peach / Passion Fruit
Alm X Almond
Ani X Aniseed
Arrow Fruits
Ava 1 Tutii frutti
Banana X Banana
Beast Bunspice, Hot
Black Magic Garlic Strong
Boorgat Honey / Flouro
Brush Spirits
BVX Butter Vanilla
Caramel X Strong
Carma Strong natural honey
Cinnamon X Cinnamon
DCX Caramel / Flouro
D-Day Duiwelsdrek
Devil Lady Aniseed
Dudley Strawberry & Nuts
Escape Banana, Scented
FBI Special, Strong
Foxtrot Pineapple
Gap Garlic Pink
GeeBee Cinnamon & Bunspice
GTA Garlic and Almond
GTA White Garlic and Almond
Guidilla Granadilla
Honey Glow Honey
Island Fruits, Very Sweet
Jessica Garlic & Bubblegum
JR Red Passion Fruit
Just Black Molasses
Lethabo Yellow Strawberry
M & M Musk & Molasses
M Z Sweetcorn
Magic Special Butter Vanilla
Merlin Rose
Monster Carp TCP, Sweet Fruity
MSK Musk
Oorlog 1 Almond
Oorlog 1 Red Almond
Passion fruit X Fruits
Peach Deligth Peach
Peach Melba Peach, soft
Pepper X Peppermint
Pink Sweets Pink Sweets
Red Aniseed Red Aniseed
Red Honey Glow Red Honey Glow
Red Killer Aniseed
Reel Run Vanilla
Rhone Almond - PINK
Robby Red Banana
Rufus Mix
Scarlet Coconut
Skunk Duiwelsdrek
Special & Bubblegum Spec mix
Spookasem Caramel/White Fluoro
Spyker Groen Almond & TCP
Spyker Rooi Almond & TCP
Stinkgogga Fish oil & Garlic
T.A.C. Tcp, Almond en Caramel
Tcm Tcp
TFC Bunspice / naeltjieolie
Tornado Vicks
Totally Nuts Peanut
Traction Pineapple
Tutti Frutti Tutti Frutti
Vaal king S/berry & R/berry)
Vaaldam Vaaldam
Vaaldam & Duiwelsdrek Vaaldam & Duiwelsdrek
Vaaldam & Rooi Lavental Vaaldam & Rooi Lavental
Vampire Garlic
Viskose Spirits / Tcp
VRM Vdam, R/berry & Musk
Warrior Eucalyptus
Weerlig Honey & TCP