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Fishing tips


Tip 1

When the sun and the wind are from the front the fish are shallower
When the sun and wind are from the back the fish will be deeper.


Tip 2

Land a barbel in shallow water and a carp in deeper water.


Tip 3

Planning is very important in an angling trip. Try and find out as much as possible before you go. Believe in yourself and your bait and you will be succesfull.


Tip 4

Use beads between your sinker and your swivel to prevent it from cutting the line.


Tip 5

Encase you want to create bait before you get to the dam you can store dam water from the previous visit and freeze it in a container.


Tip 6

Use light bait in grassy conditions.


Tip 7

Keep your earth worms in a container with holes and store it in a shady place.


Tip 8

Keep enough different traces in case you need to make a change.


Tip 9

Change all the hooks of the traces after every fishing trip to ensure that the hooks are sharp and not bended.


Tip 10

A container with cake flour can be very handy in case there is bait that is too soft. The cake flour can be used to get the bait back into a working condition.


Tip 11

Always use fresh bait. (Except when fishing for barbel)


Tip 12

Use strong flavours in windy conditions.


Tip 13

In the morning the fish will be shallow. After 10 the fish will move deeper.